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TATA Play DTH New Connection Plan

  • HD Box - ₹   1350/- 1 Month Free
  • 6 Month - Call Us
  • 1 Year - Call Us
  • Free Installation
  • Includes Installation + Activation+ 10 mtrs cable
  • 1 year's warranty with 1 year services free
  • Cash On Delivery / Online Payment
  • Android Box - ₹   2499 / 1 Month
  • 6 Month - Call Us
  • 1 Year - Call Us
  • Free Installation
  • Includes Installation + Activation+ 10 mtrs cable
  • 1 year's warranty with 1 year services free
  • Cash On Delivery / Online Payment

Buy a Tata Play New Connection

Are you fed up with paying for more channels that you don’t watch? Don’t want to pay for the cable setup box that doesn’t belong to you? It is high time to get your Tata Sky DTH new Connection with 6 months subscription . Yes, for those who really love to have true entertainment in their homes, tata play new installation probably serves the right choice.

What is a DTH service?

This is an innovative technology that allows the broadcasting company to directly bring the signal to a TV set without the need of a separate cable connection, but through a receiver installed at home.

If you like to stay away from big cable TV expenses and pay for only the channels of your choice, a tata dish connection can help you.

It is certain that a Tata Play Dth new Connection with 6 months subscription can definitely save you from big monthly cable bills and let you have complete entertainment experiences at affordable packages.

Tata play – the rebranded solution is best for your entertainment

There is no doubt that DTH services have entirely changed the way that people watch their favorite movies and TV shows. If you still rely on a local cable connection and are trying to get satisfied with the available channels, no more such worries. Amazing deals on your tata play new connection price. When you have a lot more choices when it comes to picking the long list of channels, why should you limit yourself to a few?

Just make a quick search for ‘tata play connection near me’. The results will bring your home jingalala entertainment. Let a new tata play connection bring an end to your significant spend on the cable tv connection and help you watch the best.

  • Make a call to the number - +91 - 9940149079
  • High-quality video and audio
  • Very affordable packages
  • Access to all aspects of entertainment – sports, cooking, music, movies, etc.
  • No more third-party interruption in providing the services
  • Pay for the channels you like to have
  • Tata Play HD new connection in your locality takes you to a high-quality world of movies and music.
Tata Play HD Box
6 MONTHS TAMIL Subscription FREE

Tata Play Advantage

Tata Play is a revolutionary Indian home entertainment service provider. By choosing us you gain many advantages such as

  • Unmatched Customer Service
  • Relocation Services
  • Superior Clarity
  • Pay For What You Watch
  • Value For Your Money
  • Cash On Delivery / Online Payment
Trusted By 6000 Clients

New TATA Play DTH Connection

There are many other factors that help to mark as the most promising service provider In India.
Let us see some of the factors that you should be aware of before buying DTH connection .

Why should you book new Tata sky connection?

We are sure that you are familiar with a new world of entertainment. It is an OTT platform. With the tata sky taking the new transformation of Tataplay, you also get new deals and exciting offers. Besides you get the best Tata Play new connection offer price in your home, you are also going to unleash a fresh world. Moreover, for those consumers who are interested and subscribed to various platforms, Tata play is giving a unified watching experience? This is nothing but a Tata Play binge new connection in your home. So, what are the other benefits that come along with a Tata Play dth new connection in your city?

Set Top Boxes & Packs

Tata Play Binge +

Tata Play Binge+ is a Set Top Box that enables subscribers to watch both live TV and OTT content (when connected to internet) on one device, without switching between multiple HDMI ports. OTT content that the user can watch on this Set Top Box includes VOD, 7 days catchup shows from Tata Play and content from 12 premium apps. This offering provides the best of both worlds on one Set Top Box.
TV channels + Entertainment Apps on one screen
Requires Wifi. The video streaming quality of the Binge+ Box depends on the Internet speed, for optimum viewing experience it is advisable to have min 4 Mbps connection
Sale scheme with 1 year warranty - View details
TV Seamlessly watch between live TV and Apps
7 days Access content of the past 7 days
Chromecast built-in and more! Icon Chromecast built-in and more!
Chromecast Voice Search remote powered by Google Assistant

Tata Play HD

With great picture quality, incredibly vivid colours, sharper images and stunning surround sound, Tata Play HD takes TV viewing to a whole new level. An aspect ratio of 16:9 and 1080i resolution ensures an enhanced viewing experience.

Tata Play+ HD

Tataplay+HD Digital Set Top Box Enjoy high-definition viewing with Simultaneous Recording
If watching your favourite shows at home is a rare luxury, our new Set Top Box will fit right into your busy lifestyle.
Tata Play+ HD allows you to record up to 3 shows or programmes simultaneously.

Tata Play SD

Tata Play SD - SD Digital Set Top Box World class entertainment from the comfort of your home. DVD picture quality & CD quality sound SD Digital Set Top Box
Unlike generic Set Top Boxes, Tata Play offers a host of exciting services such as Tata Play Services and Showcase, and our Pay-Per-View movie service. Tata Play DTH also gives you the luxury to select the shows of your choice through innovative packaging offerings.

Advantages of tata play dth new connection

1080i Resolution.
3D Compatible.
4X sharper picture.
Built-in Chromecast.
Voice Search Remote powered by Google Assistant.
Live TV through satellite or internet.
5000+ apps and games from Google Play Store.
Tata Play On-Demand Library with 1000s of shows & movies.

  • ✔Enhanced watching experiences
  • ✔With a simple additional charge, existing customers can have access to Amazon and continue the 12 OTT platforms access.
  • ✔The selected users can get a free setup box along with a Binge+ connection
  • ✔Switch between TV or OTT channels and have the most out of your connection. You can make it done with a few clicks.
  • ✔Though you can have OTT in your smart mobile, still you have suffered from issues such as security and privacy issues, and quality issues. Let such problems end up with a reasonable Tata Play binge box new connection price in your area.


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